Information for Prospective Tutors

Are you an experienced professor for Medical and Clinical Sciences looking for extra work? Maybe you have a good tutoring business on your own but could use a few more students. AceMedTests is designed to help you get more students and provide quality online services at your convenience. In addition, we will provide worry-free billing and payment.

First, you will email a resume including education, relevant experience, and work goals. Once we see that you are qualified on paper, we will interview you online. This interview will give us a chance to ask more questions of you, let you ask questions about us, and determine how comfortable you are with tutoring online. Part of this process will include a mock tutoring session for 10-15 min. Once accepted, we will match you with students who are looking for your expertise. You should be comfortable working with remedial students or those who are striving for excellent scores. As many of you know, the student-tutor dynamic is critical to success.

Aside from the benefit of having students looking specifically for your expertise, you will have access to convenient online scheduling, online billing, and weekly payment. While you are free to set your availability, please remember that you are more likely to get more students if you provide flexibility in your availability and include weekend hours. Our goal is to provide you with as much work as you desire.

Remember, we are always trying to find good, dynamic tutors. Our hope is to provide quality teaching worldwide, so please let us know of anyone you think will contribute to our growing family. In addition, we are providing incentives to anyone that refers students who join and use our services. Each referral for a student that uses our services will be rewarded with $50! As a growing service, we are also interested in developing study tools and assessments. Please communicate any ideas that we can share with each other to help our students succeed. AceMedTests means personal service for each student but also personal service for our tutors!

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