Are you having trouble grasping and/or mastering the incredible amount of information for basic and clinical sciences? Would you like to improve your test scores for your institutional or National Board exams? We provide help from experienced professors who will help you improve your study and retention skills and testing strategies, as well as help you master high yield information. While many national programs force you to subscribe to many hours of coursework designed for groups, we provide individualized instruction structured to your needs.

Let’s face it; it’s difficult to remember the multitude of information you are being taught. More importantly, you need to be able to use this information to solve clinical questions. Whether you have a traditional, integrated, or problem-based curriculum, our tutors can help you succeed. It’s important that you determine what you know well and what you don’t! We will first assess your strengths and weaknesses. Whether you need to brush up on skeletal anatomy, localize neural lesions or remember which medications are used to regulate renal physiology, our tutors will help you figure it out. More importantly, the skills we teach will benefit you for years to come. Our tutors can show you how to use important concepts to solve problems on exams and in a clinical setting.

AceMedTests will provide you with strategies to help master your institutional and National Board of Medical Examiners (NBME) exam, including preparation for the United States Medical Licensing Exam Step 1. You will learn to recognize types of questions and ways to find answers. You will learn how to find supporting evidence for answers from information provided in questions. Many people say that the NBME exams not only test what you know but how fast you know it. Performing well necessitates an effective strategy for getting through these lengthy exams. Perhaps one of the most important skills you will learn is time management. You will learn to fight for every point but recognize when it’s better to guess strategically and move on.

Finally, AceMedTests will provide you with the confidence needed to succeed. Our goal is to make sure that you know how you will do when you take your exam. Through self-assessment stratgies and review of practice questions for high yield information, you can become more confident about your abilities. You will also learn when you become frustrated and how to manage those feelings which can distract from your performance. Everyone is different in how they respond to the test taking process. It’s important to learn how to manage your experience. AceMedTests will give you the skills necessary to get through your exam efficiently with minimized stress.

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